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Office Attire

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I had only worked in an office setting twice in my life. And in both instances, I was never required to wear office attire.

And for good reason.

In my first job, I worked as a news reporter and I would be assigned anywhere and everywhere but without a service vehicle. I am only armed with a pen and a notebook and wherever I can, I would hitch a ride somewhere with someone to get to my news beat. Then by the end of the day, after I have gathered enough data, I would report to the office and write my articles. I barely talk to the people there. So I don't even need to dress like an executive. A pair of jeans and a shirt with rubber shoes are my staples.

Then I got to work in an advertising agency where the office is air-conditioned. We had freedom to choose what to wear. We were not required to wear office clothes, though we did dress up accordingly, like when we have meetings with clients and during special occasions.

I like to dress up, but not everyday. I could not stand wearing executive attire complete with stockings and high-heeled shoes. And the worse would be wearing make up. Ugh! I used to ride an open air jeepney and with all the smog and smoke and dust that I am exposed to until I reach the office, my face would be thicker with dust than with the foundation that I put. And since I have allergic rhinitis, one sneeze and most of the make up around my nose and mouth would go to my hanky or tissue.

Thankfully, I have not been bound to wear such things ever. Right now, I am working at home as a freelance worker and I am thankful that I am not forced by fashion and work wear. I wear what I like and what I am comfortable in. If I feel hot, itchy or just in any way uncomfortable, that piece of clothing with just have to go away.

And ever since I joined the ranks of motherhood, everything that I wear should be baby proof and comfortable. No problem about that. I am ready for that.