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Offspring Care Time To Give Back To Our Parents

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Is not it amazing how life goes? When we were young, we discover and feel how we need our parents to do lots of things for us, guide us in everything, teach us and support us. Parents feel the satisfaction of being parents, being able to raise their children and build a family. The most satisfying and gratifying feeling though is the feeling that we, parents, are NEEDED.

Since I became a mother myself, there are lots of realization that I experienced regarding life, being a parent, maintaining a happy and content family, financial issues and difficulties and old age. I find the latter though as the most serious issues confronting many when they reach a certain age.

I am not that old yet, but I now do understand why there are people who are scared to get old. The feeling of being left by the children, getting sick and unable to look after themselves are the most common reasons why old age becomes frightening.

The culture and values that were taught to me and my siblings made us more firm with our stand that no matter what happens our parents will stay with us and will be looked after by us when they get older. The values that kids were taught about giving importance to old people, loving them and respecting them will have a very strong influence to their thinking over the years when their parents are already old. It is in our culture that taking care of our parents when they get old are our responsibility. It is the time to give back to them everything that they have given to us and did for us when we were still young.

Home for the aged or similar institutions can be a lonely place for many but there are still some who have found a family in their friends and carers in these institutions. Circumstances may vary from person to person though. Some families need to resort to these institutions to give their parents or grandparents better care and sufficient attention.

We, children, can be great comfort to our parents in their old age. When we have reached the years that we have our own family and become parents ourselves, we should also realize that it's time to give back, love and care for our parents who have molded us to what we are today.