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Oh What Fun Now That Spring Has Sprung

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Spring has Sprung. There are chores to be done.

Wash the house to make it cleaner. Neighbors hard at work to get their grass greener.

Need more grass? Spread some seeds. How about fertilizer to take care of those weeds?

Trim the hedges. What a chore. Works not over. There's more in store.

Now don't get me wrong but winter can last too long.

The cold weather is not for me. The beginning of Spring fills me with glee.

I thought that the cold would never end so that outdoor activities could begin.

Oh what fun now that Spring has sprung.

Put on my work clothes. Time to start. Getting outdoors is good for the heart.

Work up a sweat. What's that smell. I forgot to put on deodorant. Can you tell?

Paint some trim. Strip off the old paint first. A tall glass of iced tea would quench my thirst.

Oh what fun now that Spring has sprung.

Water the flowers. Don't get wet. I haven't finished with the mowing yet.

Trim the edges. The weeds are too tall. How am I ever going to finish it all?

I'm doing my best. Please don't preach. Break out the ladder for what's out of reach.

Spring has sprung. Where's the fun. Will all this work ever be done?

Keep on working. No time for rest. Why does our yard have to look the best?

I'm really tired. That excuse is not lame. Why can't I play an online computer game?

What I would really like to do is sit down and play a Wii game or two.

Chores never end. Oh how I dread. Looking forward to Spring? I must have been out of my head.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. Time to run. It seems that Spring time chores are never done.

Update On Dec 28, 2010: Winter is here, oh what a dread. Visions of Spring dance through my head.

I miss cutting the grass with my John Deere mower. Can the temperature outside get any lower?

The snow looks pretty from the inside looking out. It's too cold to go outside, no need to pout.

I'm warm and comfortable sitting on this couch. What's that you say? No I am not a grouch.

No need to nag, I will go to the store, Even though in this cold, it is quite a chore.

I hope the car will start, as I get in and turn the key. I'm chilled to the bone, it's as cold as can be.

The sooner I get started, the sooner I will be done. I pull out of the driveway, the adventure has begun.

I see my destination, did I remember the list? To brave this weather for nothing, would be a cruel twist.

I press on the brakes and the car begins to slide. Something tells me that I in for a wild ride.

The car comes to a rest, now I am stuck. I break out the phone so I can call a truck.

I wait for the wrecker, I know warmer days are ahead. I shiver in the cold while visions of Spring dance through my head