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On Diabetes Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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"Prevention is better than cure", as the saying goes. This is true in every kind of sickness or disease. Preventing to get sick and do good for our health to make sure of healthy body will surely reward us in later years.

According to our family doctor, my husband is in danger of getting diabetes. His blood sugar is already in the edge of this condition. Thus, he was advised to watch what he eats. In layman's term, diabetes means "too much sugar in the blood" and in that does my understanding of this disease and how to prevent it is based.

After 5 months of following strict diet my husband has been doing very well and his blood sugar has been maintained until present to a good level.

We tried it hard to change my husband's diet in a different manner and impose some rules:

Drink coffee or other beverages without sugar. My husband drinks his coffee without sugar. This can also be done with chocolate or tea;

No to softdrinks and ready packed drinks. These drinks have lots of sugar more than we thought.

Avoid drinking fruit juices when possible. Fruit juices are good for the body because of vitamin C, fibre, vitamin A, and the like. However, they also contain lots of natural sugar that can raise blood glucose fast.

Limit intake of bread, pasta and rice. These are staple foods that need to be limited as well as to quantity of serving because of high sugar content. Who would ever thought that rice have very high sugar content when it does not even taste sweet? Take note as well that jasmine rice has the highest sugar content in rice, while basmati and doongarah rice of the least.

Biscuits, cookies, cakes, ice creams, lollies must be considered as once-in-a-blue-moon treats. Instead of snacking on these food my husband has learned how to snack on raw veggies, a small piece of fruit like nectarine or peach, or small quantity of nuts. Remember as well that eating too much fruits give you lots of sugar. Portion of fruit servings should also be limited.

Blood glucometer is the best tool to monitor blood sugar and make sure that you are on the right track to prevention. I am using my father-in-laws glucometer for my husband but I am planning to buy our own soon. Our family doctor had already issued a prescription for the glucometer. Having the glucometer will assure us that we are doing our very best to prevent diabetes.

Regular exercise is a must. Physical activities will always keep our bodies going. Exercise helps the body boost circulation which fights the narrowing of blood vessels that can lead to complications to diabetic patients. However, whether you are sick or not, diabetic or not, exercise have special benefits for all. Regular exercise for diabetic though will help the insulin in the body work better.

There are still lots of things to learn about diabetes. But as long as the aforementioned are being implemented strictly on my husband, those are enough to avoid the necessity for cure.