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Operation Sneak Peek!

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Show me your refrigerator and I will tell you who you are!

It might sound funny but refrigerators speak volumes and sometimes way too much about us. This struck me when I happened to sneak a peek into my friend's refrigerator in an endeavour to help her with the cooking for a sleep over. I saw an assemblage that was altogether different from mine. I thought she was a bit of a miser who would save anything and everything in case she requires it in the future. Clearly, she is never in doubt about the future requirement, so she never throws her foodstuffs!

I have done this consciously on many occasions since and even at the risk of being considered a glutton. I know, you must be thinking about the impropriety, but come on I am not asking you to break into someone's house! Sometimes a little inquisitiveness does add fun and facts to your life.

This inquisitiveness has helped me delineate some amusing facts about people and society too. I have categorised them, and present a few simple case studies.


Leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, fresh fish nicely wrapped with non-stick freezer packs, oil pouches, brown bread, margarine, yogurt, ketchup, cooked food mostly 1-2 days old and dished in air tight containers, jams, peanut butter, cheese, chocolates. In the freezer compartment, there's ice, fresh meats, fish and seafood, ice-cream and some dried foods like oysters, fungi and scallops, almonds. Another compartment has a variety of lipsticks, creams, cosmetic products. All things are compartmentalized and reflect that time and care went into the detail of it all.

Conjecture: The family is comprised of a perfect home maker who is undoubtedly disciplined, organised, learned, up-to-date and loves her family as much as she loves herself.


Soda, wine bottles, sauce, bread, chocolates, all kinds of beverages like diet colas, iced tea and juice packs, butter, cheese, bread, eggs, all ready to eat branded stuffs bought from the expensive super markets. Lots of them, months old, and have reached the expiration date.

Conjecture: A white collar professional, with a fat salary, seemingly single, whose life keeps shuttling between work and more work, no time to kitchen at all or better still does not have one in his posh dwelling, compulsively extravagant and hardly cares about the consistent wastage.


Oil, medicines, ranging from analgesics to syrups- a lot of those, insulin, all carefully preserved, couple of milk packs, a bottle of sauce, a countable few lettuce strands, a fruit or two, which amazingly includes bananas, small containers of leftovers preserved over some weeks.

Conjecture: A definitive miserly family, has a diabetic person or maybe even a hypochondriac, very cautious, makes sure to consume the last morsel no matter what.


Spoiled vegetables and leftovers, never consumed meat, chicken, milk, fish and vegetables, margarine, stale breads, homemade desert, chocolates, ice-creams, wafers, takeouts from restaurant, eggs, lots of undefined foodstuffs that is waiting to turn primitive.

Conjecture: Happy go lucky, never bothers about health and expense, carefree, unorganized, never bothers about the expiry dates, never falls ill.


Juice packs, chocolates - a lot of those, wafers, ice-creams, frozen meat like pork and chicken, and also vegetables, fish, nuggets, fries, patty and ice cubes. Lower door has milk, jam, butter, cold drinks, juice, water, vegetables in lowest compartment, baby food, even bits of toys, batteries, band-aids.

Conjecture: A baby is around who makes things increasingly difficult for the home maker.

I can go on and on and on, there seems to be no end to conjecture. Humans are unpredictable and so are their refrigerators.

I, however, am a mix of moderation. I do the cleaning thing every fortnight or whenever I feel it's time. And the times when I am in doubt, I throw it away. That should tell a lot about me, I guess.