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Orange Chicken And Fried Rice At Panda Express

aditya patil By aditya patil on
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Not only for Panda's :D

I was walking the streets with my friend Stephen in Centerville, VA (United States of America). We were hungry and tired so we decided to find a place to eat. Stephen told me about Panda Express being around the corner and said that it served a good affordable plate of food that is very tasty. I had never tried Panda Express before so I curiously agreed to going there. When we reached there the server encouraged me to try a piece of what i want and then select my dish. I tried the Orange Chicken and it had this amazing lemony spicy taste. My mouth started watering the moment i ate the piece of chicken. It sort of melted in my mouth and my mind only said - "Heaven". Me and Stephen both ordered a plate of the Orange Chicken with fried rice. The cost of each plate filled with Orange Chicken and Fried Rice was just 6 USD (not inclusive of taxes). I have never had such satisfying Chinese food before and the best part is that it is within any students budget to eat a stomach full there. I would recommend it to anybody who loves spicy food. Go try the ORANGE CHICKEN !

They have 2-Entree and 3-Entree plates and you can choose noodles or rice as to go with them. Their food includes different types of chicken as well as beef. In any plate you choose your own meal. i.e. choose your own entrees and a side dish like rice or noodles. You can also have a 4th entree that adds only 1.25 dollars to your bill. Basically this place is set up for the convenience of people and you are given a lot of options to choose, from which you can create your own best combination to eat as per your taste. You can try a piece of the items you think look interesting so you taste them and decide which ones you want to go for. I think this is a big plus point which not many restaurants would offer you. No restaurant is going to let you try stuff and place your order.

The Ambience of the place is basic but it's clean and hygienic. The good part about a basic simple ambience is you can go casual eat all you want and come back. I would rate the restaurant a high 8 on a scale of 10. It is clean, customer friendly and a good option to eat at especially for students.