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Overwhelmed By Housework? Try These Tips

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Are you overwhelmed by housework, or do you perhaps want to do things with less time involved? Perfect! You may find some of the following tips of value to you.

1. Don't go to bed with a kitchen sink full of dishes if you can help it. Sometimes, it’s just too tempting to leave dishes in the sink, instead of emptying clean ones from the dishwasher first. Keep a clean sponge and dish washing liquid near the sink to wash those few dishes rather than leave them sit over night. Another good idea is to make sure the sink is clean and shiny. With your sink in good shape, your counters clean and free of clutter, it gets you off to a brighter start every morning.

2. As you prepare your daily meals, try cleaning as you cook. All bowls, utensils, pots, and pans, can either be put in the dishwasher, or washed and put away as you finish with them. With this method I find that I can enjoy the benefit of being able to sit and relax after a meal, knowing that very little cleaning is left to do.

3. Laundry – who’s a fan? Not I, but by doing laundry regularly, you not only stay ahead of the battle but you can also cut down the amount of time it takes to complete it. Setting the washer and/or dryer to Wrinkle Reduction settings, or if those aren’t available, removing clothing from the machines as soon as they are finished helps to significantly reduce the need to iron afterward. Putting the laundry away as soon as it's complete ensures the laundry room isn’t cluttered. Time well spent is time enjoyed doing more enjoyable things.

4. Watering the plants, every second or third day, can easily be combined with the task of dusting. This way your house is usually as dust free as possible, the furniture always looks presentable, and of course, plants thrive because of this routine.

5. Bathrooms are not anyone’s favorite room in the house to clean as far as I know, so anything that makes these easier to manage, gets high marks from me. After every shower, always spray a good tub and tile cleaner to help keep showers, tubs, and sinks sparkling clean. Once a week, give the tub and shower a thorough cleaning, which will continue to make daily maintenance a quick exercise. During daily use, try to keep the sinks and counters clean, wipe the mirrors free of toothpaste and water spatter, as soon as possible. This way, if you decide to leave the thorough cleaning task for a day or two longer, no one will know except you.

6. Sweeping or damp mopping heavier trafficked flooring allows you the chance to spot clean throughout the week. If your family is like mine, you have those random spills of juice or coffee on the kitchen floor now and then. Staying ahead of the little messes means less work in the end.

7. Wiping finger prints from the walls when they appear helps keep the walls looking their best. By wiping baseboards, light fixtures and light switches at the same time, you’ll never have to worry about being faced with a marathon cleaning session.

8. Getting in the habit of putting things away when they are no longer needed saves time and avoids clutter.

9. Organization in the home helps keep everything in place and also helps things find their way back to that place when you are finished using them. Taking the time to give every object a spot of its own is time well spent, not to mention the added convenience of always knowing where everything is when you need to find it quickly. Clutter is one of the leading reasons people feel unnecessary stress, uneasiness or frustration in their home. By putting an organization plan into effect and sticking to it, you are not only helping to keep your home neater, but you are also fostering a more harmonious environment in which to live.

Staying one step ahead of the housework and doing it as you go, instead of waiting to clean only once a week, frees up your time, lessens unnecessary stress, and offers you and your family the opportunity to spend less time doing housework and more time enjoying life. Simply put, it’s a gift everyone deserves to enjoy.