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Pampering Straight From The Kitchen

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There are lots of available beauty remedies that we can get straight from home. These can come from your fridge or from the pantry. It is known that women spend a lot in buying beauty products. The thing is, manufacturers never run out of ideas and introduce products that keep women interested in trying them.

I believe in traditional beauty techniques and remedies. I have tried some of them which really worked and some which worked but I did not have the luxury of time to do regularly. There are lots of published books talking about home made beauty treatments, but how really effective are they?

Here are just few that I have personally tried.

Olive oil is an ultimate skin pampering ingredient. I use this just like an ordinary lotion most especially on my hands. It is proven effective to moisturize skin, making it so soft and silky. My dermatologist recommended this to me because I have extremely dry skin. There are beauty shops that sell olive oil body moisturizing spray but my dermatologist told me that those olive oil sprays are not pure olive oil and are slightly scented. Since I have a very sensitive skin I cannot use that kind of olive oil spray.

Mineral oil is an alternative to olive oil. It is normally used as base for scented oils and other oil based beauty products. Mineral oil is cheap unlike olive oil. It also does not have that strong scent of the olive oil. This is also recommended by my dermatologist.

Mayonnaise can be used as a hair treatment ingredient. Massage a spoon of mayonnaise on your hair. Do this at least 10-15 minutes before shower. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Your hair will be soft and shiny. The egg white ingredient in the mayonnaise also helps strengthen hair strands.

Egg white can be used as alternative for mayonnaise, in the same manner as abovementioned.

Mashed avocado and milk. Yum! This is actually a favourite Filipino dessert where we dice the avocado and put milk and sugar in it. This yummy dessert can be also used as facial mask (minus the sugar, unless you want to exfoliate as well). Avocado is known to be a very good anti-oxidant and have the properties that make skin smooth and soft that's why it can also be found as ingredient in many beauty products in the market. The milk in the mixture will give the avocado a good consistency which will make it easier to apply on your face or body. the milk also nourish your skin and makes it soft like baby's skin. Apply on your skin and wait for half an hour then rinse.

Milk and sugar can be a good mix if you want to exfoliate your skin. The milk nourishes your skin and make it so sof, while the sugar, rubbed gently on your skin, will help you get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells. Adding mash avocado in it will be a complete skin beauty treatment as abovementioned.

Milk can be added in your bath. However, this may require a huge quantity. I used to use milk on my face only. I put the mil in a basin, rinse my face with eat over and over again while messaging my skin gently. After 15 minutes of doing that repetitively I rinse my face with cold water. Milk can give your skin a very soft feel and ligthens the complexion after long time of use.

Salt and warm water mixture is not only good as a home remedy for sore throat. This is also good as feet bath. Soak your feet in a basin with warm water and salt for 10 minutes. Massage the salt on your feet and toes gently to exfoliate. Leave your feet soaked for another 5 minutes and rinse. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer (lotion, olive/mineral oil) on your feet. Feet are the most neglected part of our body. They need pampering too!

These beauty treatments are tested and I personally recommend them.