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Have you had the opportunity to watch the new NBC series Parenthood, showing on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m.? It just started in March of this year (2010) and is already one of my favorites.

The show is all about three generations of the Braverman family. They are what is probably, a fairly typical American family. The retired mom and dad have four children - two married, one divorced, and one single. The oldest son has two children, a teenaged daughter, and an elementary school aged son with Asperger's syndrome. Their story lines delve into what day-to-day life with Asperger's is like, and situations that arise with a beautiful teen daughter coming of age. One daughter is a fledgling attorney whose husband stays at home to take care of their young daughter and the home. The other daughter has returned to the nest with her two teens because of financial difficulties. Her daughter is rebellious and her son is withdrawn, both of them being upset at having had to pull up roots and move away from their friends. These two daughters have lots of issues to deal with that give plenty of fodder to the writers of Parenthood. The youngest son is single and lives in a houseboat. He was just informed by his girlfriend of five years previous that he has a son who is now five years old. After several overnights at his place with his "new" son, he is being transformed from the playboy lifestyle to a responsible guy who cares about being the best Dad he can be.

The characters are, at times, brutally honest which could be a reason to not watch this show with your own kids, since there are somewhat frequent references to sex.

This series is based on the movie, Parenthood, that was popular in 1989.