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Parenting: Single Vs Couple

By chelsit on
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I remember growing up and how strict my parents were with me and how well behaved my brothers and sisters and I were. But I have come to realize that in todays society kids don't listen to there parents anymoreor any older person in there lives with wisdom to impart.

It is harder being a parent in 2010 than it was back in the seventies and eighties, because back in the day most mothers stayed at home and raised the kids and kept the house rather than go to work, so kids had parental supervision almost all the time plus there were not so mucch tv shows to watch or video games to play as there are now for todays generation.But now most parents are hardly home and when they are most are extremely tired from wotking two to three jobs or doing double shifts at the one job that they do have, that it is very difficult to parent ones kids on the little time and energy that they do have.

Parenting in a two parent home is so much easier than in a one parent home, you can have a system in place mommy backing up daddy or vice versa, and studies have shown that kids that get more structure at home are less likely to act out at school or get into more trouble. That is not to say that a single parent cannot parent the same or much better that a co-parenting situation but its a matter of kids feeling secure in their environment and when you have a problem as a child and don't want to talk to mommy you know that daddy is there if you need him but when there is no mommy then they either figure it out themselves or theyare on their own.