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Paypal: The Safest And Fastest Mode Of Ebanking!

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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When I started my online activities ten years back, it was more for fun, a way to pass the time and an endeavor to catch up with the fast changing world. Soon, I realized that we get to earn here through multiple tasks, micro blogging, writing articles, networking and through clicking on the adverts, some of which I liked immensely and some I didn't quite enjoy. I prioritized the kind of tasks I would be doing here on the internet. I guess, people when online, have different priorities and fascinations. Always endeavoring to learn more about the activities that interest them and sticking to those activities helps people excel in those areas.. This worked great for me.

The virtual world was an avenue that gave me an opportunity to let go and share what was on my mind. I was proactively participating on various networking sites, when I got to learn about another aspect that the virtual world has to offer. It was an avenue that opened my eyes. I never believed that we could actually earn online until I got paid for micro blogging. It was a few cents but overpowering.

I was introduced to PayPal in the meanwhile. I didn’t believe that transferring of funds would be so easy and convenient, especially when you are converting USD to other currencies. PayPalwas user friendly and I was transferring funds off and on until last year when they declared that the users from India would no longer enjoy the benefit of electronic fund transfer to the bank accounts. ‘In accordance with regulatory instructions, we would like to notify you about a change in our withdrawal functionality in India’. However, we could request for either an electronic or cheque withdrawal of funds from your PayPalaccount with a fee of 5 USD.

I had requested a cheque a few months back and it reached safely in 3 weeks time. Not much of a hassle but no where near the convenience and ease-of-use of electronic fund transfer. And plus the 5 $ processing fee for cheque withdrawals – who would like it!

Today I got another mail from them which confirmed that we again will enjoy the ease of electronic fund transfer as we used to do. This is a much appreciated move on the part of PayPal and the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). It took them a while to sort the issues and a whole lot of criticism, anger and grievances but they did it ultimately. What a relief for the internet users in India!

Way to go with Paypal!