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Peanut Allergy Can Be Deadly

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Peanut butter allergy is deadly. As a parent of a child with a peanut allergy. I know all to well what could be the out come of an accidental peanut food or drink is to my child. It is very scary when peanuts are hiddin in may foods that you wouldn't even think would have a peanut ingredient possiblitity in it. For example:

Popcycles, Cookies (that are not peanut butter) Chocolate (that is just plain chocolate),

Just because the food doesn't have peanuts in it. You need to know that alot of foods are prepared on machines that also prepared other peanut products.

What do do when your child starts school and has a peanut allergy. Notify the school and make it very clear to them. As the scariest part about school is that peanut warnings are on many foods that other parents are unaware of or just pay no mind as it isn't like their children are taking a peanut butter sandwich to school.

What other people of non peanut allergy children need to know and understand. A peanut allergy isn't just an allergy where you break out in hives. It is very deadly and each time the child or adult of this allergy comes in contact with a peanut in any shape way or form there time is very limited to get to the hospital.

Some may think its okay these people with this allergy have Epinephrine with them. Well I am telling you that is not the case in my son's situation. He has an allergy to peanuts but can't get the Epinephrineuntil he is properly tested and he can't be tested until he is 5 years old. He will be starting school at age 4. I really am scared that other parents don't properly understand this allergy and not read the labels as to what they are truely packing in their child's lunch. Let's face it age 4 may share foods at school. He knows not to but you just never know at this age.

Here are some snacks that don't contain peanuts

Wagon Wheels, Bear Paws, Goldfish Crackers, fruit.And just because some products say peanut free doesn't mean all their products are.