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Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition (New Formula)

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My dogs have been Purina eaters for years until Little Bites and Dog Chow got a little too expensive. So they started to eat Pedigree adult complete nutrition when we moved to Texas two years ago and although it was a cheaper food they did great on it. They did great, that is, until they came out with the "new formula" for this food and I'm not sure what they changed but something didn't agree with the tummys around here. When we first opened the bag the smell was different it smelled, to me at least, like I was opening a bag of dried vomit and I'm sorry for that mental image.

The food itself even looked different and my dogs weren't sure at first if they wanted to eat it. Seeing as how I had gotten the 40lb bag not thinking the "new formula" would mean that much I was a bit upset when my dogs didn't want to eat it as I had nothing else to do with the food and I couldn't really spend more money on dog food right than. My dogs put on a brave face, realizing that's what they were getting so they ate it to begin with but seemed to spit out certain pieces or sometimes whole mouths full. I was chalking it up to my dogs being picky and I should have realized something was wrong than because my dogs are anything but picky.

My 8 yr old chow/pit mix started to skip meals I was feeding them four times a day so I could feed them less but more often so maybe they wouldn't feel starving all day. I didn't think much of it from her but then my 10 yr old norwegian elkhound mix started to skip meals which was odd for her because she wants to eat EVERYTHING and anything she can get her mouth on. She will pull over garbage cans for candy wrappers and eat whole tubs of butter if left unattended on the counter. I always keep a bag of "emergency dog food" around the house so I offered her some and she ate that but still wouldn't eat the Pedigree.

Than a few weeks later I noticed my elkhound having constipation problems for several days she'd squat at least 4 times but nothing ever came out. Than finally when she was able to go it was runny and almost mucus like. So I was worrying about her being sick with something and then not long after that she started throwing up several times a week. Sometimes it was mucus type liquid but always red and other times it was chunks of the dog food.

So I decided to get rid of the rest of the bag of dog food and do some research online. I read several reviews on all kinds of dog foods but seeing as how my budget was pretty tight I couldn't afford all natural foods. So I asked a few questions, mentioned my budget and got a list of better dog foods and the places I could get them from. I have them switched to Diamond adult maintenance now, no more vomiting or constipation and they both have acted so much better.

My sisters dogs also aren't doing well on the Pedigree and she is switching them over to a new food. I don't know what the change was but we didn't like it around here. I hate to think that a huge company like that was making my dogs sick and I hope they can remedy the problem to spare other poor doggies the discomfort.