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Pennington Smart Seed Grass Seed With No Fillers

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Pennington Grass Seed

Each Spring I normally reseed my lawn with Scotts Turf Builder Tall Fescue Mix grass seed. This year I decided to try Pennington Smart Seed. The reason that I decided to make the change was not based on product performance, the Scotts grass seed that I planted from the previous year was still looking green and healthy. I decided to make the switch this year to Pennington grass seed because I paid attention to their commercial.

The Pennington grass seed advertisement stated that their Smart Seed contained no fillers while the Scotts grass seed did contain fillers. Normally this would have passed without me giving it too much attention, except I had noted the filler material when I spread the Scotts grass seed across my lawn. At the time it did not register in my mind that I was looking at filler material mixed with the grass seed. When I heard the Pennington commercial, I started to lean towards giving the Pennington product a try and eventually ended up purchasing Pennington Smart Seed.

The Pennington grass seed has the look and feel of one hundred per cent grass seed. However, grass seed is only seed if it does not result in grass. So far I am pleased with the results. The grass seed that I planted is beginning to grow. While the areas that I planted grass seed looks good now, it has not endured the long, hot days of summer. Pennington Smart Seed is advertised to save water requirements up to 30 per cent versus ordinary grass seed. Pennington Smart Seed is also formulated to protect the seed from deadly fungus to give the grass seed a better chance to grow.

A seven pound bag (3.17 kg) will cover up to 1, 750 square feet, while a three pound bag (1.36 kg) will cover up to 750 square feet. This coverage is based on reseeding an existing lawn or applying to thin areas. Bare spots will require eight pounds of grass seed per one thousand square feet. I chose a dense shade blend in the smaller, three pound bag to seed areas that are exposed to prolonged shade and the tall fescue blend in the seven pound bag for rest of the lawn. I do not mow the new grass until it is at least one-third taller than the normal mowing height and then I will mow the new grass with the lawn mower set at a higher setting until the grass has a chance to establish solid roots.