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Pho88: Seductive Vietnamese Cuisine

By Amanda Rinaldi on
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Vietnamese cooking at Pho88

As lunch time came around, my co-worker brought me to a very quaint little Vietnamese restaurant called Pho88 not very far away from our workplace. Located in Lowell, MA on 1270 Westford Street, the place looked small and bland, blending in with its adjoining strip mall neighbors. But inside was a completely different story. The décor was very sophisticated, clean, and friendly and our seating hostess greeted our group with a warm genuine smile as she briskly brought us to our seats. I was very pleased with the welcome and felt right at home.

Our table was very spacious, with two cook tops cleverly built into the woodwork. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed and was overly impressed at the menu's wide selection of Asian food, ranging from their popular beef noodle soup (pho) to the savory pad thai noodles . I ordered shrimp spring rolls and chicken pad thai, both of which were served relatively quickly upon ordering and delicious beyond compare.

The spring rolls were absolutely prepared with perfection, and the plum sauce complimented the dish magnificently. I also loved having mint leaves inside the roll as well as the shrimp, giving me a fresh bite every time with a hint of seafood.

The pad thai was a very delicious dish, garnished with nuts, noodles, and tender moist chicken, very much to my liking. The waitress was nice enough to cheerfully get me a bowl of sliced lemons for my noodles and an extra refill of my drink. She even remembered my co-workers from their last visit, engaging in a nice chat with and recommending future menu items; it was great to see such a personable staff. I had a fabulous time and my stomach was perfectly satisfied.

I recommend Pho88 to anyone who loves Asian cooking and happens to be in the Lowell area. Do not be turned off by the suburb exterior. This place is a diamond in the rough. The staff is very friendly, the restaurant atmosphere is calming and very welcoming, and the food is satisfying and very affordable