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Phoenix Suns Get Rid Of Excess Baggage

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Amare Stoudemire wanted a longer contract at the maximum salary. With a history of microfracture surgery, Phoenix did not want to risk getting an injured Amare and paying the maximum salary. They ended up parting ways and Amare went to the bright lights of Madison Square Garden. With Amare in the fold, New York is on now pace to go back to the playoffs. Phoenix meanwhile went on to acquire Josh Childress, Hakim Warrick and Hedo Turkoglu to compensate for this loss.

This ended up being a failed experiment as Phoenix is nowhere near the playoffs and Turkoglu merely averaged 9.5 points, 4 rebounds and 2.3 assists. These numbers do not merit a ten million dollar salary. This was not the same Hedo Turkoglu that was instrumental in the 2009 Orlando Magic NBA Finals team. So, when the opportunity came to get rid of Turkoglu, Phoenix accepted.

The trade was good for the Suns as they got rid of two expensive players in Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson. They also got rid of seldom used Earl Clark. They got the expiring contact of Vince Carter, defensive ace Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat, a 2011 first round draft pick and three million in cash. Though Vinsanity is nowhere near his prime nd is mostly an expensive jumpshooter, his expiring contract would bring much needed cap relief. P{ietrus would bring a defensive specialist the Suns missed since they got rid of Raja Bell. Marcin Gortat would also provide much needed height and length to an undersized team. The 2011 Orlando pick might not be much but it is an asset for trades or could be sold to another team.

Overall, this is a good deal for Phoenix. They got much needed flexibility as the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) approaches. They got two keepers in Pietrus and Gortat. They got a draft pick and a huge expiring contract. This was definitely a good deal for the Suns.