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Places That Will Help Those Living In Abusive Homes

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It's unfortunate if you find yourself living in an abusive situation and just know that it's not your fault and that there are many people who are in your situation but rest assure because there are many organization out there that can help you. There are many communities programs set up to help you and you can take the next step to a better life. It's up to you to move on and staying in an abusive relationship won't help you. It's not our fault since people change after you live with them for awhile or if you have children. People can be violent, possesive, mental, and they can harm you. There are some women out there who are in abusive situation but they will not accept that they are in one and so they stay and they end up getting killed in the end. You won't be surprise if you read a lot of those on the news. I read it every month. Abuse is just something that won't go away. You should do yourself a favor and marry or live with only those that are positive. There are a lot of positive people and also a lot of abusers too. People can become abusive out of jealousy and they might not be abusive before you live with them. What are some places that will help you?


In each community, there are many shelters out there that will take you in right away. They will allow you and your children to stay there for awhile and they will help you with finding a job and transportation, food and finances. Yes, there is help out there. You can call 411 or look them up online or ask the police. They know the safest location that you can go to. You need to know that there is help out there for you. You can get better.

The police department

The police department can help you get to a shelter by transporting you there and also by protecting you to get there safely. They can also keep the suspect away from you and even arrest the suspect if they're too dangerous for the community.

Welfare office

They can provide you with financial assistance like welfare, foodstamps, money, food, and housing, so they're a great place if you need assistance. All you need is show up there and fill out an application and then you will be able to receive help. Remember that there is help out there and you can get out of your difficult situation.