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Please...Mr. Or Mrs. Salamander Go Back Outside

missawalker By missawalker on
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Still enjoying the added comfort of my basement master bedroom, and my Lasko 20-inch box fan during these blazing hot summer months my joy has been compromised by what I call "the lizard looking things". Granted this house surrounded by woods, has been vacant for 3-4 years. I expected to see plenty of Nature's Greatest Wildlife. Officially known as salamanders, these small amphibian, lizard-like in appearance home invaders have me paranoid. after reading many articles I am debating on whether or not to let them stay or get to killing.

Only seeing one, possibly two, *I hope* indoors they are not a bother. Knowing that I could wake up to one in my bed or the thought of waking up in the middle of the night and greet me on my way to the bathroom is what has me paranoid. Salamanders are very fast. Catching them is a challenge. In knowing that they love and need moist, dark places for survival I am sure that they are searching for insects to munch on. I have checked the basement for any cracks and openings. None found. I am pretty sure that these one or two that I have seen slipped into the house when a door was open during a pool party. I use Ortho Home Defense monthly for inside and outside pest control as well as weekly perimeter spraying on the inside of my home just to make sure I don't have the pleasure of meeting any insects. I'm about 95% positive that these salamanders are not finding any food indoors. Causing me to wonder if there is a secret passage way that I have yet to find and these salamanders are just sharing my cool air during this heat wave???

Taking the advice I have of the articles I have read I am going to have the house rechecked for openings. I am also going to extend the landscaping of my yard to push old, still damp leaves and fallen tree limbs further back into the woods. Storm drains and gutters are being cleaned today. Tomorrow I will be shopping for lawn pesticides and whatever else I see that will help with insects. I am hoping that over time the salamanders will stick to the outside of my home.

I really don't want to take the option of killing these salamanders, but the thought of having one sleep with me is enough to start taking serious consideration into this option.

I still can't answer for sure whether these salamanders are pest or not because I have a full understanding of how they control the insect population, and disturbing Nature's Way may cause me to have bigger problems. I just want for these salamanders to go back outside.

Update On Jul 30, 2010: I am disappointed...VERY disappointed to report that I saw the salamander again as I was doing laundry. I said a little prayer in hopes that I am seeing the same one and that this is not a colony playing tricks with me. I have added containers of DampRid around the basement to help control the moisture in the air. We will see if that is of any help. I have taken note that this salamander has adapted to my efforts to get rid of it. Instead of seeing his dark color on my carpet, I saw his tail hanging from the power cord box behind my television. Are we finding places to rest where we wont be seen now? This is becoming quiet an experience for. Although, after the spraying and chasing that obviously had no effect towards elimination...I do believe the salamander has learned to stay out of my room.

I will keep this article updated until I am able to catch or find something that will get rid of (what I hope is) the salamander.

Update On Sep 07, 2010: It appears that my salamander problem has been solved. I am not sure if the salamander decided it was better off outdoors or if it got tired of inhaling different pesticides and the decrease in moisture. There is still a heavy presence of salamanders outdoors. I'm assuming that my efforts out there were just a waste of money and time since my home sits in a largely wooded area. My main concern was just making sure that the one inside of my house got taken care of, and it was.