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Podcast Review: Dear Venus Show

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The Dear Venus show is on Contact Talk Radio. I've listen to this podcast ever since it was on Hay House Radio.

I think that I should give an overview to this podcast before reviewing it.

"The Dear Venus Show" is where Venus Andrecht is the host. Venus is an author, medium, herbalist, artist, and counselor. The type of medium that she does is talking to dead people and reading someone else's mind (But she always asks permission). Plus, she also gives out, what she calls "Mojos." What are mojos? Well, in this podcast it's just Venus giving out positive energy to her listeners.

What happens in this show is that in the Introduction, Venus gives the topic, the reason for her topic, and tell a personal story. Then she goes and talks to callers who phone to ask about their relationships or to give out mojos. Her most popular one is her mother's love mojo.

I love this podcast. The reason being that it is very entertaining. As for the informative aspect of it, well, there isn't much. I know that Venus does give advice when it comes to dating and health. But please do not take her word for it. Just go to the doctor first before you take Venus' advice.

But I find Venus herself being entertaining. Her voice, her personality, and her energy is the reason you should tune into "The Dear Venus Show." I also find her very funny. Just listen to her personal stories. Some of them are really funny. But Venus is serious at the same time.

Oh, and speaking of stories, it seems to me like she is one of those women who loves to gossip about other people. She has mentioned that her family members are wary of being around her knowing that she will talk about it on her weekly radio show. They also know that she will either blog or write her family stories on Facebook.

You can find "The Dear Venus Show" on Contact Talk Radio and on iTunes. Or you can go to her Facebook page to friend her there.

However, I know that there are some of you out there that will avoid listening to this podcast because of me mentioning the word medium. Yeah, there are fluffy bunny moments in this podcast. There's nothing I can do about that. But please listen to "The Dear Venus Show" simply for the entertainment value.