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Podcast Review:Love Action's Friday

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I thought that I will be doing reviews of podcasts that are out there. If you do not know what a podcast is, it is a radio show that you can download to your iPod. That way you can listen to the show on your own time, instead of a set time like regular or Internet Radio.

The first podcast that I am going to review is Love Action's Friday. That show is part of the Radio Nowhere Network. The website mentions that they promote Independent Artists. But in this particular episode, I heard some music from the Beach Boys and David Lee Roth. So my question is, are they promoting Independent artists 100%?

The reason why I mention this is that I wonder if Radio Nowhere has enough money to pay royalties to these already established musicians. That is my only concern with this particular podcast.

There were independent artists that I have heard from in this podcast. That was not a problem with me. The problem was why the DJ decided to include songs that we already heard of. She also played a cover version of Katy Perry's "California Girls" sung by someone else, which I didn't mind at all.

And the DJ, which I forgot her name seems to enjoy what she is doing. That's another thing that make this podcast enjoyable. She wasn't that annoying or boring. It just gets me interested in listening to Love Action's Friday.

I just wish that Radio Nowhere has a policy for all upcoming DJs and let them know what you should and should not play on your show. I should know this because I am Broadcast student that already has previous experience podcasting and being on the radio. I have seen younger peers go to YouTube to play music on their show. They still don't have a clue that isn't the best idea for College Radio. I do understand that it is great if you want to work in a real radio station.

If Radio Nowhere wants to promote Independent Artists, let the DJ know where to find them and stay away from those that are already signed to big record companies. Besides, Independent musicians love more publicity that they cannot get anywhere else. There are sites out there that promote those unsigned artists like MySpace .

Other than that, this podcast is enjoyable. You can download this podcast from iTunes or the Radio Nowhere website.