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Poison In Your Food

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You wouldn't eat poison would you? I'm sure most of the people who are reading this piece would not be drinking cyanide or be munching on poison mushrooms. However, a lot of people nowadays are eating food that contains additives that harm their health and well-being. Sadly, many are not even aware of it. Let us take a look at these harmful and deadly substances.

1) Aspartame - This artificial sweetener comes from the feces of bacteria. In many markets the bacteria is genetically engineered E.Coli bacteria. E. Coli is the same bacteria found in human and animal droppings. There have been studies that show that asparame causes cancer in rats. There have also been numerous reports that it causes sterility, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, epileptic seizures, lupus and dozens of other ailments. Usually aspartame is sold as a sugar substitute or is included in a variety of products such as juices, candies and sodas.

2) High fructose corn syrup - This is a group of corn syrups that has been processed to turn its glucose into fructose. Like aspartame, it is also used as a sugar substitute. It is an ingredient in sodas, cookies, ketchup and candies. This has been lined to diabetes, obesity, anemia, osteoarthritis and elevated cholesterol levels.

3) Fluorine - There is a pseudoscience that is being propagated that fluorine is effective in strengthening teeth. Not much science to back that up. Well, too much fluorine actually causes dental fluorosis, osteoporosis, arthritic pains, miscarriages at birth, cancer and decreases in IQ levels. Fluorine is a poison and should not be ingested by humans. Unfortunately, it is being sold as an ingredient in bottled water intended for babies and young children and in tablet form.

4) Hydrogenated oils - While this helps increase shelf life of oils, this turns fat into trans fat and has been linked to coronary heart disease, cancer, diabtes, obesity and infertility. These oils are usually added to chips and burgers.