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Poor Customer Service

strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I was shopping for some new eyeglasses, tried on many pairs, been to many optical shops, I wanted to compare prices and make sure I was going to purchase the perfect pair of glasses, so I wanted to see as many styles as possible. I walked into a Pearl Vision Optical in the mall. I was not greeted or even acknowledged, there were two associates and one other customer besides myself in the little store. I wasn't too bothered, I thought at least for awhile I will be free to look around without having someone breathing over my shoulder and force selling me stuff, or just because I happen to pick something up, having them think i'm interested and go on and on about the features and blah, blah.

Still not bothered that the male associate was helping a woman, and the female associate was totally oblivious to me, while she sat at the little sales desk where the computer is in the store flipping through a magazine, I kept trying stuff on.

I found a style I liked, but when I tried them on I looked really bad, the frame was actually too thick, and the lenses were too big, they stuck out too far from my face, way too big. The male associate decides that I might actually be a 'real' customer and tells the girl looking through the magazine to help me, she slowly gets up, acting like she has better things to do, but, I brush it off, I know how it can be sometimes, I work in retail too, but a little friendliness would be nice, at least fake being interested, I do believe these people may be on commission here?

She tells me that the ugly way too big glasses look awsome on me and really suit my face shape and bring out my eyes. I thought she was joking, I really did! Once the male associate was done with his customer he came over to see how things were going on, I noticed on his name tag that he was a supervisor. He was about to say no when I asked him what he thought, he was starting to shake his head no, but the girl said they looked perfect on me, so he then agreed.

He then proceeded to tell me that this particular style lense was very popular and that they sale alot of them, and the whole trying to sell them to me stuff. The girl brings out a measuring device to measure my eyes and such, i'm like okay, what is going on, but then I thought they are just being very helpful, but still confused about the awful look of the glasses that I tried on that they are trying really hard to sell me, I went with it.

Next thing I know the girl is sitting at the computer typing in the lense code etc.. asks me to have a seat and starts asking me my name and personal information, I ask why does she want this, she looks at me like I just landed from space and snarly tells me in a smart ass way that she needs this information to order my lenses, they have to be sized and ordered they don't just have a bunch sitting in the back you know!

Wow! Not once did I mention that I had any plans on buying these ugly frames! I can't believe how rude the girl was to me, treating me like a moron because I asked her why does she want my personal information, when I did not tell her I was buying anything! I will never go back there again! To me this girl was just lazy and wanted to get her sale and get me out of the store so she could go back to her magazine! And the supervisor going along with the girl telling me these horrid glasses looked good! Never again will I step foot in that place! I just hope the woman that was before me actually got a pair of glasses that look good on her and wasn't forced into them!