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Poor Healthcare In Third World Country

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We live in the US, where healthcare is just a priority but also wonderful and top notch. We’re better in treatment, research and medication comparing to other countries and especially third world country, where they don’t even have clean water or water filter in their own home. Drinking old water is enough to make you sick, from the bacteria and viruses that are in the water.

Some places don’t even have proper toileting so they actually do it in public on public drinking water and other people might gather those waters for drinking and that alone can cause massive diseases. No wonder, you will see that there is a high percentage of the population who comes with all sorts of diseases and child birth defects. I think it’s a good thing to be able to help those countries or at least to educate them on how to stay away from bad water and how to stay away from bacteria and viruses so that they don’t acquire those diseases.

I don’t think that they vaccinate their children enough. I think that they should have a system where they get to vaccinate their children so that they don’t grow up with disabilities and diseases. Overall, healthcare is just not good in some places like say Vietnam. It’s great to see that some growing country like Thailand or China, have better healthcare access than some really poor country like Vietnam. When I was in Vietnam, I witnesses all of these things from dirty water to dirty food to dirty methods of personal hygiene and the massive spreading of TB and other diseases. People just didn’t think that TB was a big deal and that they would live with other people and go around and give it to their neighbor. I just hope that there is a public health service where they could teach their locals about the spreading and controlling of infections.

If you find yourself in those countries, you should not drink street water or eat street food if you don’t want to acquire diseases. It’s also great if you can bring a booklet to teach them about safe water and food or infection control. If you are generous, you can bring them some water filter or TB masks to help them at home. I think that country like Vietnam needs a health movement and need assistance from the US since there are too many disabled children there and too many uncontrollable diseases or poor access to healthcare.