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Positive Vibration

By ladychai on
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This article was sent to me via email, I thought I could share this to everyone through describing what the article was all about and how it help me with my personal challenges.

Did you now that there are two types of Depressions? At least that is what I read before. These two depressions are called S.A.D and R.S.A.D.

These depressions are triggered by seasons. SAD occurs during when there are a lot of clouds in the sky like during Fall and Winter. When you suffer from SAD, you'll have the tendency to eat more, binge and crave for food eventhough you are not really hungry. This will cause you to bloat and gain weight. RSAD is the reverse, this occurs during Spring and Summer when there are less clouds in the sky. This type of depression would cause you to eat less, lose weight and become restless.

Anyways the article helps you cope up with these types of depression. I am no fan of Prozac or any anti depressant pills as it will become habitual, the moment you do not take those pills, you'll sink back into becoming depressed once again. Prozac only provides temporary remedy, it provides numbness in your brain.

Depression is psychological so your only means of become free from depression is to get you mind straight. So I read articles that can liven up my thoughts and not think about problems for a while. We all know everyone in this world has a problem but if we keep on thinking about it, it will cause more problems in the future like ripples in the water, the more you try to disturb them the more ripples will be produced but if you forget about it for even a little while, the ripple becomes smaller until it will be gone.

In your own little way, you can help people who are suffering from depression. By just giving compliments can somehow help the person think that "Hey, I still have something in me that I can be thankful about". It can help, even just little can go a long long way.

As for yourself, think of things that you can be thankful about. A promising job maybe or your beautiful child with whom you know loves you very much no matter how wreck you are.

Think about what you learned from a depressing event in your life. What has it thought you? Surely you are bound to see the bright side of a seemingly dark experience.

Think of it this way, life will not be called life without any challenges and the more that you bounceback from any challenge you face the better your life will be.