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Preparing A Themed Party

By ladychai on
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My daughter is turning three years old this coming August and as early as now, I am preparing for her birthday party. In as much as knowing that what really is important is celebrating my child as whole and that a birthday party only comes next. For an only child, and a love child at that, we as parents cant help but provide their wants as well not only to depict how much we love them but also to show everyone how important our child is to everyone.

What are the necessary things a parent should prepare for a theme birthday party?

1.Know the Theme

If the theme is based on a cartoon character, then know what the cartoon was all about. Say for example a strawberry short cake birthday party. A parent should of course know who strawberry shortcake is and what the cartoons was all about.

Make sure that the theme is preferred by your child. It is his or her birthday afterall.

2.Location, location, location

If you plan to hold the party some place other than your house then scout for a good place. Check the rates and negotiate for the time allocation.

3.Plan for the materials to be used

There are a lot ideas one can get in the internet with regard to the theme chosen so I suggest browse your way through planning a successful themed birthday party.

Window shopping also helps. You can check out shops where the necessarily materials can be bought and compare the prices, the cheaper the materials the better as you can use the saved money to fund other expenditures for the party.

4.Consider the Guests

Know who you want to invite. This way you would know ahead of time your budget allocation for the food as well as the giveaways and what food you are going to serve during the event.

5.Plan the Activities

A child's birthday party always involves games so it is important that as a parent, one should plan the kind of activities that are in line with the theme as well as how many games to play depending on the time allocated for this activity.

Since you have already considered who the guests will be then plan activities that everyone can actually participate.

Prepare a program list that way all the activities planned will be right on schedule.

This year, I plan to have a mermaid theme for my child since currently she is fond of mermaids and sea creatures. She has expressed interest in swimming as well. I have already a place in mind, one with a swimming pool and the location is just within our City, near enough for travel. I have also scoured the malls and shops for some materials that maybe useful during the event. Now all I need is to check how many guest I am going to have and what activities will be done during the birthday bash.

By the way, this list is not only applicable to your child's birthday, it can also help if you are planning a themed party or an event for yourself or a friend's.