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Pringles Crispies: You'll Never Miss What You Are Missing!

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I just love potato crispies. When people go gaga over popcorn, I hang onto french fries and potato chips. That’s my weakness. I think it’s a family obsession - my sisters and I, and now the kids. It’s being passed on though generations. My father is not supposed to eat fried foods and he is happy with smashed potato treated with green chillies or pepper and drops of oil or clarified butter – a family recipe that we all cherish.

So obviously, I cannot resist potato chips and I can munch on them anytime, anywhere. Call me mean, but I even cheat the kids to have the biggest share. Pringles has been my favorite and I have tried most flavours, but the way they keep on innovating I always have a flavour, or a few, untasted all the time. That’s quite exciting actually!

I had grabbed another untasted flavour when my sister threw me a canister while unpacking, on her visit to my country last time. It read: Pringles light original made with olestra potato crisps, 0 trans fat – an immediate feel good catchline for me. When you are struggling on the diet thing and come across something with the fat free labels, you do feel happy suddenly. I immediately unsealed the pack and munched a few technically perfect and identical crispies. It felt different. Drier, crunchier, barely any grease and a very light kind of feeling. The fingers didn’t catch the grease and the chips were lighter than other Pringles. I immediately knew that I was going to have a good time with these.

Pringles light original made with olestra is just perfect if you are on a diet and cannot let go of your potato crispies addiction. It has a delicious taste sensation with 0 gm fat and 50% fewer calories than regular potato chips. Each serving has 70 calories, whereas regular potato chips contain 150 calories per serving. One serving of light crispies has 0% cholesterol, 5% carbohydrate and 4% fiber. It also contains Vitamin, A, E, K, olestra.

I have only one grumble, and that’s with Pringles chips containers in general. The lid doesn’t seal air tight once you open the canister. The crispies get soggy if you are not careful enough. In the beginning, I toasted the chips on the oven. But now I am smarter and know how to preserve the delicacies. I close the lid and keep it in an air-tight container – double protection which never fails me.

Pringles has been my companion in hurt, in pain, in happiness, when I am elated, sad, not so sad and when I am just normal. They have brought memories and moments that I am going to cherish lifelong. The taste is unbeaten, so different that you will never miss what you are missing!

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