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Product Testing Site

By hellb on
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I recently joined the site called CLIX RESEARCH this is for people willing to test products then share your views on how products performed before being sold to the public in which they state you get free products silly me thinking I was going to be offered products for testing immediately, think again.

The first thing i had to do was fill the details in 11 catergorys Hair, Face, Body, Teeth, Hands & Arms, Feet & Legs, Hair Removal, Brands, Shopping, Food & Drinks, and Lifestyle which can take up to 20 minutes to complete, all questions are personal details about yourself, your home and shopping habits. The site updates these catergorys when new questions are added so you have to keep your profile up to date in order for them to select you as a compatible tester, you can also add family members

Well...about 4 weeks passed then Clix Research sent an email informing me there was Trials available, "great" I thought, I am going to get free products so I logged on the site to the Trials and all Trials were full, a few days passed another email for Trials this time I was sure I would have a Trial, logged on, checked the Trials, all full again, each time I logged in for a Trial they were always.....have you guessed..... yep! FULL.

As you can imagine I was a little annoyed by this time so I decided to send them an email asking how do I get a trial as every day that I checked they were always full ( little fib on my part lol ) a few days passed then I received 3 emails so I went on Clix site and, wow wee! lol, there was a Trial available, finally, " I GOT A TRIAL" hurrah !, they sent me a small tub of face cream with no label that had to use for 3 weeks then answer a set of questions, when that Trial ended a week later I received more emails, I checked Clix site, " Yesss!, I think I am on a roll ", Trials available, this time I chose the body cream, claimed it tightened up skin and made it smoother, which I must admit did see a little difference, as usual once the time limit was up I had to answer a set of questions, this Trial was about May this year and since then I have not received any more but still checking but no luck yet, I might just send them another email, see if I get offered any Trials, worth a try, don't you think ?lol.