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Program For Enhancing Proficiency

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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The 2009-2010 school year is nearing its end here in the Philippines. Teachers and students are busy taking up lessons needed to be finished for the fourth and final examination.

My daughter who is an incoming Grade 4 handed me over a piece of colored paper several days ago. She said her class adviser gave it to her and needed to be returned Monday, March 8. It was an application form coming from their Grade School Guidance Center for Special Programs. The form was for "Program for Enhancing Proficiency." It is an application form being given to those students who are topping their class and their level in general. The subjects involve are Math, Science and English. If the student and parents are amenable concerned student will take a qualifying exam. Once the student passed the exam he or she will be included in the pull-out group for the said program. Students belonging to the group will have an advance subject matter pertaining to the three subjects to enhance their proficiency.

It is a special program of my daughter's school to be able to send a representative or representatives to any inter-school competition at any given time of the school year. My daughter was told to check the three subjects in the application form which means she will take the qualifying exams for those Math, Science and English.

As a parent of course I am very proud of her. She is a consistent honor student within her level from Grades 1-3 and garnering proficiency with the said three subjects. I am also happy because she will get to learn more and improve her capabilities. Also, I know she will be very happy and proud that if given the chance she will be able to represent her school to any or several competitions outside. This program is very enriching and encouraging to students who really dedicated to learn to give more and the best towards their studies.

Aside from the competition issue, I am more after of what my daughter can experience and learn from it. The fun of meeting students from other school, the confidence to be on stage in front of many people, and things she will experience and learn in an inter-school contest.

I guess this school year I will need to add more time with her especially when she is chosen to be part of the program to give my 100% support. It will be her first time and I want her to take it as a challenge, a way to learn more and at the same time experience things that sometimes only chosen students could.