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Protecting Wood Surfaces And Structures

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Ever since time immemorial one of the most popular building materials was wood and it retains its place. Natural wood is an ideal raw material for the production of the wall - it is strong and it is easily recyclable. Good thermal insulation properties prevent condensation and creates a healthy indoor atmosphere.

However, in order to keep the beauty and functionality of the facade, it is necessary to maintain timber properly. Depending on the selected surface and weather conditions, paint can be updated every 3-8 years.

Exposed wood has a lot of enemies:

Sunlight: UV light destroys lignin - a major component of wood. It causes a yellowing of the wood surface, cracks and degradation. Coating loses its grip to the surface, it begins to peel off.

Moisture: moisture absorption, evaporation and temperature fluctuations lead to the formation of cracks. Sensitive wood types such as coniferous may become bluish or even get depleting wood mushrooms.

Depleting wood fungi and insects: they affect and disrupt key components of a wooden house.

Appropriate and professionally selected coatings must reduce swelling and shrinkage of timber. The way to prevent wood from going gray could be an appropriate layer thickness and sufficient coating pigments. Service intervals caused not only by climatic conditions, but also by selected type of coating and its color. For example areas covered with Lazur will need more frequent monitoring and updating than a matt coated wood.

Lazur of bright hues reduces service intervals even more. Colorless varnish or Lazur with a small amount of pigment is completely not suitable for outside areas that are directly exposed to weather conditions. The change of color may not only be a result of exposure to sun, but also of a type of wood. Wood darkens ant it looks like that the surface color is changing.

Dark colored coats can also cause problems. The sun warms the dark surface up to 80 ° C. This heating is a big load for the entire construction. The best protection in this case is wood primer professionally covered with white matte finish.

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