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Psychology Of Music And How It Helps Business Prosper

By ladychai on
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We all know that music can really affect the feeling of an individual. If you play a sad music, you tend to feel sad yourself. If you play a fast and dance music, you feel like you want to dance to the beat as well.

At one point during my college years, I read an article in our school paper about how ambience, more particularly music, can help you attract more customers. A psychological study shows that ambience play a big part in a restaurant business. If you play a fast music during a peak time, this will aid you by affecting your customers to eat faster thereby the faster they eat the sooner they finish and the sooner they finish, the more customers you can accommodate.

During off-peak times, you can play mellow music and this will help your customers feel relaxed inside your restaurant thereby they will like to hang around and talk inside your restaurant. The image of your restaurant having people at all times is positive as most of the time, people tend to select restaurants who already has customers compared to restaurants that are empty. This will help you in enticing more customers to come to your restaurant and check out your place and most likely order for themselves.

I have observed this on some of the establishments here in Cebu, Philippines and I can justify that this psychological test is indeed true. I compared two of the adjacent restaurants in one of the malls here and I noticed that music did play a big part.

The important thing is that restaurant owners should have proper timing with regard to the music they played within their establishment that way the coming in and out of customers will be to the owner's benefit.

Apart from ensuring a delicious meal, one should consider investing on sound system in putting up a restaurant business as this will really help boost the cash flow.