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Public Libraries A Valuable Community Resource

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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When our children were young, we were in the library at least twice a week. There was story time, weekly entertainment acts, and the kids just loved perusing the shelves for books to take home to read. They also enjoyed borrowing DVDs. Now, ten to fifteen years later, my kids were just laughing about some of those goofy DVDs they used to enjoy watching over and over

But our online library resources are ever improving and offering really wonderful resources to all members of the family.

I was just reading the winning entries from the teen poetry contest called Rhyme On! The poems are great and I think it is a wonderful thing to recognize and inspire young people to, not only write poetry, but to enter competitions. Sometimes the most unlikely authors will be the prize winners.

There is also amazing homework help online where you can even send a direct question to a librarian who will send you an email with resources for you to find your answer. This service is actually available to anyone who needs it. I recently inquired about a book that I couldn’t remember the title of that I had read years ago. I wanted to read it again and the librarian helped me narrow down the title using my description of the subject matter.

My grandson loves to come over and click on the Public Library icon I created for him on the desktop of my laptop computer. The link takes him directly to the Kid’s Page where he can listen to online stories and read along.

Of course, going to the actual library is a lot of fun, too - especially for children. Many programs are offered all summer long to help keep boredom from creeping into those lazy summer days. It’s the perfect outing to break up the day and the perfect way to sneak in a little literacy so the kids don’t get rusty.

It is easy to check out what your local library has to offer by just logging into their website. It is amazing the amount of information that is available to anyone – and all for free