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Public School Education

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In our country, public school education is being looked down. Going to a public means that you cannot afford good quality education offered in private schools.

Although my parents could have afforded to send me to a private school when I was young because I was their only child then and my father had a good job, but they couldn't because I have motion sickness. Whenever I would get into the car and travel a few minutes, I would get nauseated and eventually throw up. This happened everytime and so traveling was a torture for me. Myy parents then thought that it was best if I studied in the public school near our house. I could just walk to school and it was easier for them to manage and check on me.

Well, I enjoyed going to our public school. Life was okay. I breezed through my elementary and high school education. I was always in the top of my class. I always had honors during recognition day and graduated valedictorian in elementary and high school.

But somehow, there was something missing. I figured that out when I went to a private university when I got to college. The culture is soooo much different. I got culture shock. Even the way they speak English was different!

Eventually though I got used to college life and began to excel in academics. I am not studious, but just quick to take on new things. I also graduated with honors in college.

So for me, there is really no problem with public school education. One can go to a private school and still end up not being successful. It really depends upon the person what he wants to do or where he wants to get to in life. Education is good, but if you don't have a choice, one just has to make the most of what he has.

In the case of my child, I have decided to homeschool her. Whatever works.