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Questionable Moves In The Lebron James Sweepstakes

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Joe Johnson is overpaid!

The NBA 2010 free agent extravaganza was filled with brilliant moves such as those executed by Miami and Chicago and some head scratchers. These range from signing players for way over their market value to trading away good talent for a bag of chips to signing dinosaurs. Whatever the case may be, the Lebron James headlined free agent market brought forth plenty of blunders. To think these general managers are paid good money and yet bungle at their job. Here are some of the more questionable moves of this offseason.

Al Jefferson to the Utah Jazz for two first round picks and Kosta Koufos - Al Jefferson is an all-star calibre big man who is a double double machine. Why trade your best player for an unknown center and two late first round picks? I mean Utah is a perennial playoff team and two first rounders don't mean much unless you have the drafting talents of Jerry West or Gregg Popovich. If the trade was for two first rounders from a team like the New Jersey Nets or the LA Clippers, it would have made more sense.

Joe Johnson for $119, 000, 000 for six years. - Sure Joe Johnson is an all-star calibre player and a top notch offensive player but he is not worth the maximum. After he performs like a scrub in the series versus Orlando last season and on top of that dissing the fan base, this guy should have been traded or given a more reasonable paycheck.

Amir Johnson for $34, 000, 000 for five years - Amir who? Yes this former second rounder from the Detroit Pistons has resigned with the Raptors for nearly $7, 000, 000 a year. I guess they still haven't learned their lesson from overpaying Hedo Turkoglu.

Lakers sign Theo Ratliff - I was fond of Theo as an up and comer back in his stint in the Sixers and the Pistons. However at age thirty seven, he is no longer a spring chicken and has been riddled with injuries. He has not played close to a full season since 2002.

Knicks sign Amare Stoudemire for $100, 000, 000 - I honestly think that with the microfracture injuries and the eye injuries, Amare would not be worth $20, 000, 000 per year in two to three years. The Knicks banked on this move to get Lebron with no avail. If they at least do not get Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul, this move would bite the Knicks.