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Raising Teenagers

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Raising a teenager can be one of most challenging part of parenting that you will have to do. Teenage trouble runs around age 15 which is the worst age, Through 19 and sometimes a few years more.

Your child will be hitting the worst peer pressure. Parents mean pretty much nothing to them and not to mention their frontal lobe is at a standstill for growth.

The peer pressure will be drugs, skipping school, all night parties, drinking and stories told that if "you don't you’re not cool" or "come on this is high school your only a teen once". This can be very hard on a teenager.

You might mean very little to your teen through these few years. Your teen may know all and do all. Your opinion will mean very little. You may even feel like your child truly hates you and wonder where you went wrong.

Meanwhile this is just part of growing up and your child finding their place in the world. It is very important to not give up on them and know that they will make their mistakes. All you can really do is guide them, be there for them and watch for little things. You may feel like your child doesn't want nor need you. But you will be surprised. One may ask "mom does this outfit look good on me?" Or "Dad what do you think of my new hoodie?" Right there your child is communicating with you and wanting your opinion. Be sure to watch for these little things.

Try not to get into arguing struggles. As you really need to let them know they can come to you and you won't snap their head off. Be careful in picking which battles are most important and let some of the smaller ones slide.

This stage can last a few years. Just know that guidance and letting your child know you care will bring them "back to you" in those few years.