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I started reading at a really young age. By two, I had a vocabulary of five hundred words. So as you can guess, all I did was read. I read everything I could get my hands on: newspapers, books, scraps of paper with words on them. It took up my whole life. When I entered kindergarten, I was well prepared. I finished all the books in our house, so we went to the library often, and sat there reading for hours. When my sister grew older, she loved to read just as much as I did. In fact, she loved it even more than me. She read the entire Harry Potter series in a few weeks when she was in second grade. Well, how does this impact us?

As everyone knows, reading is a big part of our lives. If we can't read, we can't function well in the society thatwe live in today. That's why it's good for a child to love to read, as you will need to know how to read later on. But that's not the only reason. The other reason lies in the material that the child reads. Books and magazines contain information and personal experiences of different people. As kids take in this information, they understand more, and will be able to use these skills and knowledge taken from these books, and apply it to the real world around them. A lot can be learned from reading.

I've found that as I got older, I had less and less time to read. I began to develop a form of OCD, so it takes me much longer to read books now. I still love it, it's just more difficult for me. And with the long time required for me to read, school is becoming difficult too, which means more time with homework. So that's why it's nice to read as much as you can when you're younger, just in case these things encounter you when you're older. Reading is what makes us, well, us. So, read more!