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Reading And Children

Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Getting children to read can be difficult. It helps if you start reading to them while they are young by reading good books to them and showing them how fun it can be. Another reason to read to children is so they get use to hearing how good reading sounds and this will help them with their reading skills. When choosing books for children you need to get age appropriate books. Very young children may like picture books best. Of course, picture books have mostly pictures in them.

As they get older there are other reading genres such as mysteries. This will be stories filled with suspense as the characters try to solve the mystery by the end of the book. When I was young, I liked Encyclopedia Brown books. These books were filled with short mysteries that the reader could try to solve. These days children read books like From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler or Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.

Some children may be interested in historical fiction which is a story based on a historical event. Some good history books are When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson and So You Want To Be President.

Another genre of reading children may like is realistic fiction which is a story using fictional characters that takes place in the present. When I was young Beverly Cleary books were popular. Today, children like Because of Winn-Dixie, Junie B. Jones and Harriet The Spy.

Another reading genre that is popular these days are fantasy books and science fiction. Fantasies include events that are impossible. Some popular fantasy titles are the Harry Potter series and The Hobbit. Science fiction can be books about the future.

Other types of books include folk tales. Folk tales are stories thath have been handed down like Paul Bunyon. As children get older poetry, non fiction, biographies and autobiographies should be introduced.

It does not matter what genre children like best as long as they are encouraged to read.