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Reading Is Fun

By chelsit on
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I started reading seriously at the age of twelve when I was helping my teacher clean up the class room and found a book ripped in half and decided to take it home and put it ack together. Ever since that day I have become an avid reader, I often get so lost in reading that I lose track of time, I become so absorbed in learning more about the subject or the character that it just consumes me.

In high school I used to get the books early and read all of them through, this helped be get a jump start on the other students and I was able to get a better understanding in class because I had given myself time to read in advance of the rest of the class. My love of reading has continued even to this day I can be found in the library on a saturday afternoon, or in the park on a sunday, and the only thing that can put me to sleep is a good book.

I have continuously tried to pass on my love of reading to everyone around me especially the kids, I organize reading competitions with the hopes that their competitive spirit would develop into their love for reading.

It is extremely important for parents to start kids reading at an early age as it helps them in the future, no only to love reading, but also to help them do better in school. Seeeing a child sit down and read a book by themselves for the first time is extremely thrilling, becuase you can learn so many different things from books, you can learn about your history, read up on places you would like to see, there is romance novels, self help books, for whatever you need there is a book for it somewhere.

Reading is not neccesarily for everyone, because some people cannot sit still for five minutes much less long enough to finish a book, but for those people I say "take it slow" read a newspaper or something smaller.