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Real Life Skills

uaezarb By uaezarb on
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I believe there has always been a neglect of education in "real life skills" in most of our school systems here in the United States. These are important skills everyone should have to live the most productive life after graduation.

We have all been taught how to read, write and do arithmetic, but not enough is taught on how to put those tools to use in real life.

Do you know how the stock market works and how to invest your money wisely? Do you know how to determine what you can afford when buying a home and how a mortgage works? Do you know how to figure compound interest? Do you know that time is on your side when saving money? Do you know which is better, buying or leasing, when buying a new car? Do you know how to file a simple tax return? Do you know how to set up a budget? These are just a few of the situations you will be faced with at some time in your life.

I have two kids, a daughter-in-law and nieces and nephews in college right now and it amazes me how many classes they are required to take that are so unnecessary to their career, and yet the information they could use every day of their life, such as I have mentioned above, is barely taught at all.

I feel that most students are graduating with college degrees without the proper education in these life skills. That may be one of the reasons you see some of the problems our country is facing right now with the mortgage crisis, debt and people living beyond their means.

Believe me, all the education in the word isn't going to help you be financially comfortable if you don't know how to handle the money you're making. I would recommend taking classes, reading books or searching the Internet to gain as much knowledge as possible on these subjects. Together with this knowledge and your degree you will have a good start to the beginning of the rest of your life.