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Red Mountain Coffee Different!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I am a bit of a coffeholic, I prefer Nescafe, and if I ever run out, it's a case of get some now! I was out foraging for coffee after such an occurence, when I spotted a jar of Red Mountain Gold, which happened to be on special offer. The offer tempted me to approach, (as it is intended to do) and I read the label. It stated that this was a medium and well balanced freeze dried coffee, sounded nice enough. I bought a 100g jar to try it, and noticed that these were also available in 200g jars, as well as catering size 750g tins.

The jars themselves are good. They are made from clear glass, and are slightly square. The lids are plastic screw-on ones, with a foil seal underneath, and these jars can be used for all sorts of storage when the coffee is drunk. They have labels of course, giving all the required information, and the "best before date" is stamped on the bottom. There is a paragraph on the label asking you to contact the company, in case you have any questions or queries. You can do this by phone, or use the website:- www.redmountaincoffee.com

This coffee is marketed as a "Medium and well balanced freeze dried coffee" i.e. an instant coffee, but supposedly having the taste of fresh ground coffee. I think the coffee was a little weak, and even after adding another half a spoonful, it was rather tasteless and boring. There was a lot of Gold coffee flakes in the jar, which just weren't coffee coloured! I am sure that if you like weak coffee, you may well like this, but if you are a serious coffee drinker, then you will be let down.

I have visited the website (www.redmountaincoffee.com) but can find no mention of this "Gold" version, perhaps it was introduced as a trial. It does smell fine, but there is something wrong with the colour, it just doesn't look like coffee, in fact it doesn't really taste like it either.

The company has been trading for over twenty-five years, and is well known in the UK. Their headquarters are in Merseyside, (near where The Beatles came from) and they seemed genuine when they offered contact details, as if they really wanted feedback from the customer.

I normally use one teaspoon of coffee, one sugar, milk, and top up with hot (not boiling) water. Using my "recipe", other instant coffee tastes fine, but this one is bland and weak. Sorry Red Mountain, you do not get the Caretaker seal of approval this time