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It was a dreary day! The air smelled of fog, and the ground was drenched with dew. If one listened closely, he could have heard the foghorns in the bay; beyond the muggy mist.

Be there ......imagine this ........

As you walk along the shore, you hear the waves ruthlessly smashing against the huge boulders. Ahh .....what a day for thought. One could search his soul on a day like this, and most likely pick it dry of all the evil gathered through the years of growth.

That's what I was doing on this particular day. Searching .....searching my inner self. Going over and over the years that sped by so quickly. It was almost as if they had never happened ...all the things I can remember about myself, and all the things I can remember from hearing people talk

Oh, the years went by so fast .....but where? Where did all those precious, precious days and nights disappear?

Wait, hear the pitter-patter? That's the rain starting up again. .... and there...... the rustle of the autumn leaves ...hear them too? Wonderful sounds, aren't they? Sounds of nature. Good, clean, healthy sounds that make your head spin and take your whole body into the depths of reality.

Look, there, over by that puddle ....its a little sparrow. How gracefully he flutters his wings about as he bathes his tiny brown body in the cool water. See how the water trickles off his feathers and falls back into the puddle? There he goes to join his little friends. He has no worries. But, oh, the worries we have.

I wonder what it would be like to have wings ...to be able to fly away from danger and never have to worry. Uh, but what would be the use? When you'd stop, you'd stand in one spot, look around, and then you would only find new dangers.

No, we can't run away from ourselves. It won't do! We have to face our problems.

I hear the clock striking in the village square. It's chimes are letting everyone know that time is rushing by. It's telling all to hurry! " Don't waste my precious seconds, minutes, hours", it says, "make use of these, for time is short.

Yes, it's so......time never seems long enough for us to do the things we must.

I was in El Paso, Texas. It was a month before Tracy's Birth. It really was a beautiful day in Jan 1964