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Ricky Gervais Not So Humble Talking To Morgan About Globes

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Cheeky Ricky

Ricky Gervais is the comedian who goes where no other comedian has ever or will ever go. At the 2011 Golden Globes he ribbed the Hollywood thespians not only on their own turf, but standing no more than 15 meters from them, whilst hosting a Ceremony meant to commend them on their years' achievements in movies.

To the viewers back home Ricky stirred up what could have been a very by-the-numbers Winners announcement program. The jokes made me say; "No way did he say that. He's got some balls". To give him his due, he did help raise viewing figures as well as get people talking about what is normally a show where people only talk about the corny over-dramatic acceptance speeches from the acting community. The one thing I kept thinking was; you don't insult those who welcome you into a circle of friends without getting kicked out of, that circle shortly after.

Based on the general concession of rules in England, you don't go into someone’s house and insult everyone in that house just to amuse yourself, you do a bit of light-hearted banter to keep the room laughing, but ultimately you show a bit of respect.

There were a few moments where I got the impression that Ricky was questioning whether he should land the jokes. As an example; before introducing Bruce Willis as 'Ashton Kutcher's Dad', he paused and it looked as if by his facial expression, that the pause was not just for comedic timing. The second instance was Ricky's long gap where everyone wondered if he were fired back stage. Although it did well to get people talking, I'm sure someone asked him; 'Are you sure you want to keep mocking your peers like this? It's getting viewer ratings but you have to see these people again'. Who knows?

There was the joke undermining Tim Allen as compared with Tom Hanks, which may make you laugh at home, but man, can you imagine how awkward it would be to sit next to Tim Allen if you're Ricky Gervais after telling that mickey-taking joke to the World. Ouch.

Then there was the Johnny Depp joke that mocked his film The Tourist and Depp's performance in it. I found that joke funny too, but once again, Ricky may want to work with Depp at some point and somehow I reckon that's now firmly off the cards.

There is a whole host of jokes like that, which make us at home stay watching, but at the cost of making the house (Golden Globes Ceremony place) turn damp and bloody.

Now, I'm not saying Ricky's jokes didn't make me laugh, because they did. The main reasons I laughed were because A) I couldn't believe he went 'there' and expected to sit side by side with these people after ripping it out of them and expecting everything will be fine afterwards. B) I laughed because he made a mockery of these A-listers to their faces, and no one does that in Hollywood. C) I laughed and cringed with each joke that came out because all I kept thinking was; "With every insulting joke" you tell to this audience, you are doing great in breaking every bridge with this community and losing your place within the Hollywood community by not being respectful in being part of it.

Regardless of whether Ricky was secretly cleared to tell every joke with the organizers of the event, I still support that he should have thought about future projects he may want to do, and how these actors he insulted wouldn't have cleared the jokes and may refuse to work on a project that he becomes attached to.

It also surprises me that Ricky chose to essentially behave like David Brent under his own name. If I were Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, J-LO, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, not Mel Gibson (He doesn't have a leg to stand on if you heard the recording of his rant to his then Girlfriend) or any of the people who Ricky poked fun at, I would ask myself; "Is David Brent really a character? Or is Ricky Gervais simply a selfish comedian who only tells jokes to amuse himself at the cost of being spiteful to those around him".

To close, it amazes me that Ricky continues to get away with mocking the Americans to their faces and is getting paid for it. What Ricky appeared to get the biggest kick out of, is that he insults these people to their faces and they pay him for it . It's as if he is saying; "You lot really don't get what I'm doing to you because the joke is on you".

It wouldn't be so bad on these Hollywood types if the jokes were good-natured, but they are not. I find the jokes entertaining in a cringe worthy way, but as for Ricky Gervais as a person, with his zero remorse on Piers Morgan Tonight, The impression Ricky gave off is that he would be a nightmare in a social setting, and that he needs to think a bit harder about which audiences he should really be playing to.