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Sara Lee And Avon Dealership

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Sara Lee dealership

Given the economic slowdown around the world people are really getting resourceful on how to deal with finding additional income for the family. Dealership like AVON is one way people are turning into nowadays. Even working professionals make it as a sideline among their co-workers, friends and relatives. Among housewives this is one way where they can devote their time and earn some money. But dealership really works? I myself was a dealer of Fuller Life (Sara Lee then). At first my intention is to avail of the 25% discount for my kids' needs. I find it more practical to enroll myself as a dealer rather than to buy the items from one of their dealers. At least I get the 25% discount plus other incentives being offered. How dealership works? From the catalog dealers and customers get to see the regular price and the special introduction price of the products. Customers will get to see how much savings they can get and on the part of the dealer he or she will get the 25% discount from the special introduction price (SIP). From a 100 pesos SIP item dealer will get the 25 pesos as commission. Another benefit of being a dealer is that there will be one (1) month from the date of purchase being given to dealers in order to pay for their purchases and that extension can be applied or given to their customers. The Customer Purchase Incentive (CPI) is another benefit that a dealer can avail of. There are different brackets as to the amount of purchase and corresponding to that are items that can be bought by dealers at a price lower than the catalog or SIP price. Whether it is for personal or resale purpose, the dealer gain from it too.

But being a dealer requires patience, contacts and right approach. Patience in a way that there are also other dealers out there carrying different brands and getting customers may seem not be that easy. Also in the issue of collecting the payments for delivered items for non-cash basis sale is one issue to consider. Contacts of course play an important part. The more friends you have the more chances of reaching considerable amount of sale. I guess the right approach is one we need to have in whatever endeavor we are dealing.

Nowadays that commodity prices continue to rise, kids' related expenses go way up too plus the bills and more, dealership I guess is one consideration for those people who want to earn extra income.