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Save Money On Food

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Angel Food Ministries has been around since 1994 when they started in Georgia.

This ministry has grown tremendously within the past year alone! I have to recommend this food program to everyone. It's not just for needy families and there are NO requirements to order and buy food. They use to have a required "food box" that you needed to purchase, but that requirement has been lifted.

The food menu changes each month. But there are staples like chicken, eggs, Borden shelf stable milk, veggies and dessert. They offer already prepared foods that are convenient for Seniors and Allergen-free foods.

They offer a typical "food box" for $30 and that feeds a family of 4 for one week! Yes, you read that right - ONE WEEK of food for $30. Picture shown in this article.

My husband and I started ordering food last month and I placed an order today online. This is a new service as well and they also show pictures of the foods you will get.

Go to this link Angel Food Ministries and check out this month's menu. You put in your zip code and the closest distribution centers will appear. Most of the centers are located at area churches, but some are in schools and other buildings where volunteers help to get these orders together. Angel Food Ministries bring in the food and the volunteers check you in, give you breakfast for FREE and then give you your box of food(s).

I can't believe we didn't start ordering sooner. But in the past, you had to go to the location during a certain time and pay with either cash, check or food stamps. Now, by making online ordering available, you can do this from your own home. There is a small $2 fee for placing an order online, but who cares?

Friends of ours normally order the $30 food box and a $25 grill box that has different meats. They priced out the same foods in Wal-Mart, figuring their prices were low and comparable. But to their surprise, for the same amount of food, it would have cost them almost $175! That's incredible. For $55, they got that amount of food.

I highly recommend this ministry to anyone that has it available in their neighborhood. If there isn't one around, your church or school can also sign up to be a distribution place. And please pass it along to your family and friends. With our economy in the dumps and families starving, Angel Food Ministries is there to help us ALL. The take new orders for the following month when you pick up your food. Payments accepted are cash, check, credit and debit card and food stamps. So nobody has an excuse not to try it out.

And I can tell you that when I worked in my previous church, we would give a family a $25 grocery store gift card. That NO where near comes close in buying food to what even one $30 box of food costs at Angel Food Ministries.

So check them out and make sure to watch the dates. The deadline for this month is tomorrow in most areas, which is normally the 3rd Thursday of each month. The food is available for you to pick up on the last Saturday of each month. Times vary but are normally between 9am -11am. Even though you need to order and pick up within the time frames, it's so worth it. And we never expected a free breakfast either when we got our foods last month. We were quite sad that we had only bought one box and wished we had gotten more. So this month I was prepared. For just the 2 of us, we ate on that one box for two weeks at $30! You can also get their fruit and veggie box.

Angel Food Ministries is definitely a blessing to everyone.

Update On Mar 03, 2010: We got our 3 boxes of food this past Saturday. I have to say that the sausages, steaks, chops, chicken and just everything in general was great! We even got a large pumpkin pie (really we got two, since we got two family boxes) and the pies are from Schwan's, which is a home delivery food service.All I needed to do was bake the pie and we are enjoying it after dinner.

The foods that are included in your Angel Food boxes are from the popular brands you know and some are even from smaller companies that are in areas the larger chains probably don't buy from.

I would love to hear of anyone else who is trying Angel Food Ministries. You won't regret it. Remember, you have until the middle of the month to order and the food comes the last Saturday for pick up.

Update On Mar 27, 2010: We picked up our food boxes today. It's so crazy in how excited we get when we pick up our food items. This morning they served us orange juice, coffee and biscuits with sausage gravy for free.

Starting in April's box, they have "After School" boxes for kids. I want this box for us too. The new box for $24.00 will include peanut butter & jelly Jamwiches, pizza rolls, hot pockets, White Castle chicken and also White Castle burgers, string cheese, chicken fingers and mini corn dogs! They are also bringing back their Premium Seafood box too in April.

With today's economy, these boxes of food are so economical and let's face it. Food is continually going up in price too. Here is the April Menu - order by the middle of April and pick it all up on the last Saturday of the month. https://www.angelfoodministries.com/menus/menu_2010-04_en.asp

Update On Apr 15, 2010: Today is the deadline for many locations that offer Angel Food orders. So check them out online at http://www.angelfoodministries.com - this link goes to April's food menu. I got 2 grill packs this time because we actually have food left over from last month! Talk about saving money!

Update On Jun 16, 2010: I placed another order for Angel Food today. It appears the deadline has changed and instead of being a week and a half prior to pickup, you can order through the Sunday before pickup. They keep on updating the available foods and have some pretty neat after school snack packages too for the kids. I ordered the hamburger variety pack and the Special "Blessings" Box, which is limited quantities. It's a little less food than the traditional monthly family box but I don't need some of the items from that box. The Blessing box will work just fine. And for $86, my husband and I can eat for practically a month's worth of dinners and actually eat better. This truly is a blessing in saving money on food for you and your family.

Update On Sep 04, 2010: We skipped purchasing Angel Food in July (because we were out of town), but we did order in August. It was quite sad to see that the overall orders for food from them was tremendously lower than in previous months. I know it isn't the price, because we pay at least a 3rd of the cost - even if we were to buy the same items in Wal-Mart! But, I think it's more that you can place orders all month long and only pick up on the last Saturday of the month. Just like what happened to us when we went out of town, it prevented us from ordering. Since Angel Food Ministries relies on churches, schools and other locations to provide volunteers to distribute the food, I would also imagine that people are not volunteering to help like they have in the past. If Angel Food is in your area, please check it out. And if it isn't, ask your church to consider being a host location. They have details on their website and this organization is saving many families lots of money in today's economy.