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Saving Money On Electricity

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With the cost of oil going up constantly, it is important that we start saving electricity. After all, most of the electrical energy generated is through the use of oil powered generation plants. Many of these tips simply involve common sense. Others just involve being mindful. Here are some ways you can save electricity.

1) Turn off the lights / appliances when not in use - This is one of the simplest tips anyone could share. Shut down stuff you aren't using. Leaving stuff on consumes electricity. All this wasted power adds up to your monthly bill.

2) Use low wattage bulbs - There are many bulbs nowadays that do not consume as many watts as their predecessors. There are buls such as fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs that consume less than the conventional incandescent bulbs. Bulbs nowadays consume less power and produce more lumens.

3) Limit your use of the refrigerator - Opening the refrigerator often uses more electricity since the compressor has to work hard to maintain the desired temperature. Plan your visits to the refrigerator and take out what you need to take out in one visit. The same thing goes for depositing stuff.

4) It pays to upgrade - Newer refrigerators and air conditioners generally consume less power than their predecessors. They are most of the time more energy efficient. It may pay in the long run to get rid of older appliances for newer ones.

5) Use skylights - Having skylights saves on electricity as you use the sun to light your home during the day. This lessens the need to use light bulbs during the day.

6) Laundry day - Set aside a day when to do all the laundry. The same goes for ironing.

7) Use a fan - Fans consume less electricity than air conditioners. If you want, use an air conditioner long enough to reduce the temperature and then use a fan to continue the cooling.