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Setting Up Your Own Website

By ladychai on
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The internet is a powerful tool one can use to get and store information, advertise products, buy and sell items, download and upload files, make money and many more. Every detail found in the internet can be access by utilizing a web browser. The web browser takes in the website address converts it into IP address and receive and transmit data from connecting servers.Before we can do everything else in the in the internet, we have to create the content of the website site first. So, what are the necessary information one needs in setting up a website?

Webhosting Account:

Webhosting account are composed of the following:

Webspace- this is where your files will be stored, this is assigned by hosting companies, basically this is a space alloted to hosting customers in a specific webserver.

FTP account - File transfer protocol is very important so that you can access the your webspace. Most of the time this is preassigned to customers. This consist of username and password.

FTP Client:

FTP Clients is a tool where you can move your files from your local machine to you webspace.

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Website Creation Knowledge:

Scripting Language - This is very important as this is the the base form of your website. Every detail within the website are a series of codes. These codes are then interpreted to display the desired output of the website.

One must have a background of the following scripts to create a website:

HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, Javascript, CSS, Flash, Ajax, Coldfusion and many more.

Website Design Software - If you do not have any scripting knowledge, not to worry there are ready to use software that will help you create your website by dragging and dropping objects into your page, as easy as a click of the button.

Here are some examples available to be used when creating a website:

MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Nvu, MS Publisher, NetObjects Fusion, Web Studio, Visual Site Designer, and many more

The most important thing is that you need to visualize your design first before actually choosing the applications you want to use to create your website.