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Several: Easy Way's To Lose Weight Fast!

Jacob McCall By Jacob McCall on
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Lose weight, one step at a time.

People who live in society; either work for themselves, others, or a family. With the hard times that have hit the United States of America, and the rough times to come in the near future. People are being pressured into working those extra hours to keep food on the table for their families, they are forgetting about the importance of exercise. Personally, playing a college sport is time-consuming, but ultimately you gain something that no one can take away from you... that is, "personal pride." Overcoming obstacles, and becoming more of a leader are also such things one may get from athletics. But experience from playing a sport is obtained on a face to face and personal level. Whatever you put into it you get out of it, just like your coach always said. But people who don't play sports can still stay in shape by doing a few small things....

- 25 Sit-ups and 25 Push-ups per day. (Before you jump in the shower in the morning or night?)

- Limiting your meals when you eat out, to under 1k* calories. (Do research online before leaving the house)

- Try not to eat too much processed food because of high sodium/salt.

- Watch your daily intake of sugar, no need to add or subtract. Just make sure your not in-taking over 3 grams of sugar per sitting. (Set limits to your current habits)

- Drink water throughout the day, and drink a couple of glasses before dinner if you are worried about eating too much.

- Substitute your processed sugars to fruit.

- Go for a walk in the morning or late afternoon. (Walk on sidewalk, be safe if you walk at night*)

If you are passionate about loosing weight, and you don't want to spend a lot of money this might be the list for you. Be sure to just aim for a goal and remember the good things you have accomplished in life to get where you are. Times are tough in society today, the last stress you want to deal with is with weight. It's good to stay active in life because happiness will be acquired through activity. Your body needs to get essential vitamins to deal with immune system and all sorts of different processes throughout the day and night. Just remember that you ultimately have one body, one mind, and one soul.

Good Luck to everyone,

Jake the earthquake.