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Sex Education At School

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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The Department of Education or DepEd is including sex education in grade school and high school curriculum starting this school year 2010-2011. Said order gathered positive and negative feedbacks among parents. Some parents think that it better be discussed at home considering the sensitivity of the issue while others find it appropriate to educate themselves about sex education and discuss it at school between teachers and students.

I find the DepEd order helpful to students both in grade school and high school. I do consider the sensitivity of the issue but I find it a fruitful discussion between teachers and students if handled with care. The youth nowadays are early exposed on sensitive and negative matters and has easy access on things that can influence them like internet.

Girl students who are in Grades 3 and 4 levels usually have their menstruation at that age. There will be physical changes and internal discomfort that they may seen and felt before their first period. Also the different issues that entail menstruation like its cycle, sex and pregnancy. On the other hand, circumcision among boys brings about changes physically and mentally. These are just some issues that these young minds need to be guided properly. In the high school level is a much serious thing to consider because there are many students who are not only engaging themselves to different vices like smoking and alcohol drinking but sex as well.

Filipinos by nature may find this order inappropriate and absurd. But Filipinos must get into the flow of changes. Our population continues to rise at unmanageable level and in this regard it is high time that we introduce sex education to our grade school and high school students. In this approach we can give these students a venue to discuss their issues about sex, physical changes, pregnancy, etc.

As a parent my only concern is the approach to make discussions effective and informative among students. Discussions must gear towards enlightenment and not to add up much on the curiosity of the youth.