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Sexy Clothing

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The world, for the longest time now, has championed the fashion statement that less is in. As in less flabs as well as less fabric. Blouses are getting skimpier, skirts and shorts are getting shorter. Even long pants, which are supposed to be long, are getting lower in the waist, barely covering the private parts. (I have only seen this kind online and not in our neighborhood, thankfully.)

Modesty and decency are two words that changed meaning over the decades. Even those from Christian churches are not spared.

I am not playing the moralist here. Far be it from me to make judgments. But I would rather tackle this from the practical point of view.

If we want to wear skimpy clothes, we are pressured to fit in them, and thus many women are slave to diets and excessive exercise just to stay in shape. There is nothing wrong with trying be healthy, but there is definitely something wrong when we want to maintain the hungry look of a model. Yes, a lot of women would want to stay hungry just so they can maintain their figure.

Secondly, my uncle wants to put it this way--skimpy clothing is economic sabotage. He said that women who wear sexy clothes entice men and when they are tempted, many men would go back to their homes and sometimes indulge in unscheduled love making with their wives. Many times, these result in additional children in the family.

Thirdly, many women nowadays are getting victimized with sexual harassment or even rape. A lot of these cases may be attributed to the temptations that men see around, even if these sexual pictures were not incited by the victims themselves. But we watch the TV and even on a noontime show, ladies are wearing barely there outfits. With what we see in the media, how do we expect our men to react?

I believe that us women should be responsible the way we dress. Women wield much power and this is one way that we control others. Let us be wise.