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Sharing My Profession To Students

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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My niece is a 3rd year High School student in the school where my daughter is studying too. They have a special subject for Computer Accounting. One time they were asked to look for a guest or resource speaker who is an Accounting graduate (working or non-working) that specifically handles the bookkeeping job or a bookkeeper.

I must admit that for quite a long time of being a full time housewife I got nervous when my niece invited me to be their guest speaker in class. But I guess that was a shallow reason for me to decline the invitation. Yes I might be nervous talking in front of these kids but I give importance on the fact that I can share my experience with them and the profession I came to love for years. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy on March 1994. I started with the lowest position till the time I came to hold the Supervisory spot before my resignation.

My speaking engagement turned out well. At first the nervousness was really there but gradually I became at ease especially during the question and answer portion. I was able to explain the works of a bookkeeper and the importance of bookkeeping. I appreciated so much the questions like what are the challenges of being a bookkeeper, time management, and opportunities for Accountants, compensation and the Accounting flow. There are personal questions like as to how long do it takes me to decide on what course to take.

I'm glad I was able to talk to these students to give them an overview as to who and what is a bookkeeper for in a company. What a computerize accounting for in a company. Moreover, we got a fruitful conversation of what to expect with an Accounting course. Being a professional they asked me tips on how to decide which course to take. Of course I gave fair statements without inspiring them to take Accounting course.

After the meeting I came to appreciate and be thankful for the invitation not only because I was able to share my profession with them but also inspire them to be cautious in choosing the right course for them so that someday like me they will eventually love and enjoy doing it.