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Shedding Self Defeating Habits

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Self sabotaging is one of the deadliest flaws that breaks a person, and it eventually leads to an irreversible attitudinal change! Here are some self-defeating habits that most of us need to work on. I, for one, really need to work on some very seriously.

Not following through on resolutions or to-do lists.. It's better not to make the resolutions, instead of making them and lamenting over not following through on them later. We are adult enough to know what's going to work for us, and also realizing that if it does not, it never will.

The habit of procrastinating. Procrastination leads to an irrevocable personality change. Things pile up to form a hill of unfinished tasks, and a time comes when they become rock solid. No way can we recover from the backlog. This makes many of us suffer from a sense of incompleteness and subsequent damaging depressive bouts.

Sleeping late and rising late. Sleeping till late hours in the morning makes us jittery and we continue to feel this way the whole day, resulting in fidgeting over even the normal tasks. Early to bed and early to rise will never go out of fashion, and we must develop a healthy lifestyle which starts with this.

Living the way other people want us to is a syndrome we all suffer from. Living the way we want to, loving ourselves and prioritizing our needs is something that would make us productive and peaceful. Worrying about what other people think of us is going to get us nowhere.

Cursing our tight wallets, yet going on a shopping spree every time, shows our lack of restraint. We need to tighten the purse strings when we really need to. Extravagance is not reasonable anymore, but moderation is the key to a happy life. The sooner we realize this, the better for us.

Denying the kids something and giving in after a while. I have seen many parents displaying extreme forms of discipline and affection that make them appear shallow. We do not really set a good example by a NO followed by a YES.

Focusing on what others need to do rather than on what we need to do. The moment we start to judge others, we shift our energy and waste it on thngs we cannot chnage. This is really not needed.

Thriving on inboxes and the virtual world. This is very pertinent today and we really need to get real more often. We really need to climb out of the virtual boxes. Switching off the mailboxes and the networking sites and going for a stroll round the block, feeling the sun, sea and the breeze motivates us to do better. Nature is amazing - it revitalizes, recharges and showers us with love, blessings and positive energy.

Let's break these self-defeating habits and bring about meaningful changes in our lives.